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  • Our festival 4-25 age group children and young people can participate
Determined by the festival organization committee  ‘’VI. international young talents in classical music festival  participation fees are as follows 
  • İndividual participation – 70 tl
  • Duo, trio, quartet and quintet participation – 100
  • The participation of the choir and instrumental ensemble – 130
  • Festival participation fee of 28 April 2017 until the end of the day Mehmet Akif Ersoy University BURDUR ZİRAAT BANK BRANCH TR63 0001 0000 5851 4087 6550 25 IBAN account number should be paid to the
  • Participants pay their participation fee, must be filled in the APPLCATİON FORM  from the festival website home page
  • Scanned photographs should be attached with the application form which links to related digital scanner
  • More than one participant's application form must be added in the same photo frame
  • List of participants accepted by the festival committee and festival program will be published on 10 March 2015 from the date of address
  • Each participant will be given five minutes on stage performance time
  • Must go to the concert stage costumes of the participants
  • Korrepetit (piano - accompaniment) supply belongs to the participants
  • Participants are responsible for their transportation and accommodation fees
  • There will be no change on the day and time of the festival program
At the end of the festival all participants and educators 'participation certificate' will be.


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